MCH 360

Patient Management App

My Circle Health needed a patient management app to make it simple for their nurses to monitor diabetes patients.  Our team developed a Rest API to manage patient data and a persistent web application to manage patient interactions. 

Patient Dashboard

Using a series of goals and alerts set by the prescribing physician, the application created a “score” for each patient and updated that score in real time based on patient interactoin data. The dashboard summarized the caregiver’s patients and their overall health. 

Patient Intake

Physicians enter diagnoses through and iPad app that directly interacts with the backend API.  When a patient is assigned a diagnosis, tasks for associated caregivers and monitoring nurses are automatically assigned.

Task Management

When viewing a patient’s summary page, the caregiver sees the patient’s health via a grapical dashboard that indicates progress or declines relative to goals.  Associated tasks are outlined in a list below where the caregiver can update patient data and record logs of each interaction.

Rapid API and Interface Development

Using our existing codebases and frameworks such as Ionic that allow for rapid, cross-platform application development, our team can create robust web applications to meet your needs in nearly any industry.