Open Data Repository

Open Source Data Publication

Our goal is to support the long tail of science data with simple data publication and one-click archiving

Working with NASA Ames and the University of Arizona Geosciences department, Stone Umbrella created the Open Data Repository (ODR) –  a data publication platform for individual researchers or small teams with limited budgets.  Using our web-based platform, these researchers can publish datasets, manage their data collection, and submit their data for archiving.  We are bringing open data to researchers who normally could not bear the burden of data publication.

ODR in Action

The Open Data Repository currently hosts a number of databases and thousands of records. As the system matures and reaches the goals of the ODR’s software roadmap, we expect usage to grow dramatically and begin to serve an important role in international science data publication.




Ready. Set. Data. 

If you’d like to join the ODR pilot project, please contact us via the link below.  If you’re looking for a similar solution for your data needs, we can code a custom one to suit your needs.

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