Pine Valley Foods

Manufacturing Accountability

Pine Valley Foods required a solution to ensure packing accuracy.

Real-time Packing

The barcode system developed by Stone Umbrella for PVF included dashboards on the factory floor for tracking all orders in the queue and their current packing progress.

End-to-end Accuracy

Barcoding allowed PVF to track orders from entry into the data system to packaging and final delivery.  Every aspect of the system from inventory to the bill of lading implemented scanning to guarantee accuracy.

Unique Barcoding

Unique barcodes printed directly on each case in production allowed PVF to track manufacturing time and date.  This data was used for inventory tracking and sell-through calculations.

End-to-end Order Fulfillment Solution

For Pine Valley Foods, we created software that extended their existing systems to manage orders from order entry to the customer’s door.

Custom Software Solution

Pine Valley Foods sold cookie dough primarily through the school fundraising channel.  Stone Umbrella programmed a custom solution that allowd quick order entry and then followed the order using real-time barcode scanning from production to delivery.

Flexible Code

On the factory floor, scanning stations were cost effective Google Chromebooks with handheld scanners attached.  Our solution runs in a standard web browser.

Item by Item Scanning

Ensuring the correct item gets packed is paramount to customer satisfaction.  Audible and visual clues helped the packing staff ensure the right items went in the box.

Scanning Double Check

Our system required dock workers to scan each skid and ensure it was matching the correct dock door.  Our shipments were always on the right truck.

Streamlined Packing

See our packing & scanning system in action…

Complete Solutions

From inventory to delivered

Our team managed all aspects of PVF’s IT needs.  Websites, order entry, order management, inventory receipt, post-production scanning, packing, and shipping.  We can create a system that meets the custom needs of your business.

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