Scripps SSI Application

Scripps Health SSI

Javscript-driven interface to identify Surgical Site Infections

Under the auspices of the Stowe Group, Nate Stone created the interface for Scripps Healthcare’s Surgical Site Infection analysis tool.  Utilizing modern javascript and html, the system identifies possible infections and monitors them to meet regulatory requirements.

Surgical Site Infection App

In conjunction with a small team of nurses and databse developers, Nate created an interface to display infection related data allowing the reviewing staff members to flag possible surgical site infections and improve patient care.

Infinite Loading

Reviewed items fade from the list and unreviewed items scroll onto the list.  Terms that have been identified by tthe database team as infection related are highlighted ensuring reviewers are presented with relevant data.

Logging & Auditing

All transactions and reviews are tracked to the reviewer using the system. Maintaining a complete and accurate audit trail is essential for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring proper analysis of all records.

We have also worked with Bon Secours health system and Ascension Health.  Over 10 years experience in health care.

From Microsoft Sharepoint solutions to custom interfaces and applications such as Scripps’ SSI solution, we are ready to create the system that improves your health care experience.